Ross Syed

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Ross Syed was born with the name Hossain Iqbal Syed on the 8th March 1890 in Agra in India. He went to school in a town called Ajmer in India, after which he went on to university at Manchester University in England reading medicine. This was the first visit to England, and he never went back to India. His stepmother cut off his allowance when his father died. So he had to qualify as quickly as possible. His father was a judge in India, and used to go on circuit with a large retinue.

He married Ethel Handforth Churm, a temporary nurse during the war years who came from a shop keeping family.

They had two children Philip and Keith.

Ross took a job as an assistant to a General Practitioner (GP) until the GP died, at which point he took over the practice. He continued in this post for 49 years.

He died on the 20th July 1978 at the age of 88.

Railton Terraplane

It appears from these photographs that one of his hobbies was rallying cars: