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Here is a link showing the registration areas of Norwich (c1800)

This is a list of all the places that relatives are known to have lived.

The Cricketer's Arms, 67 Lindley Street, Lakenham, Norwich

The Chettleburgh family are known to have lived here in 1891, they are also recorded as still living in Lindley street (possibly here) in 1909.

The Champion Pub, 101 Chapel Field Road, Norwich 

William Chettleburgh is listed as running the pub between 1879 and 1883.

10 Carshalton Road, Lakenham, Norwich

This is where James Carrington listed his abode on his marriage certificate in 1909.

2 Wellington Terrace, Norwich

This is where the Carrington family are listed as living in 1881. It doesn't appear to exist anymore, but the map of 1905 shows it as crossing the far end of Foulger Opening.

6 Foulger's opening, Norwich

The Carrington family lived here in 1891, presumably after just moving around the corner. The postcode today is roughly NR1 3AH. However it has all been redeveloped.

Litcham, Norfolk

William and Mary Carrington lived here for a time, and several of their children (including Henry) were born here.

Mileham, Norfolk

No definite family connections here yet, but apart from being the next village along from Litcham, several Carringtons are known to have lived here, and there are a few in the graveyard...

Wroxham, Norfolk

William and Mary Carrington lived here for a time before they moved to Litcham, and several of their children were born here.

Holkham, Norfolk

William (of William and Mary) Carrington was born here.

Wells, Norfolk

Mary (of William and Mary Carrington) was born here.

The Cock, Long John Hill, Norwich.

As far as I know this has no family connection apart from being adjacent (allegedly) to the house lived in by the Chettleburghs in 1881. I say allegedly as the transcription on the CD appears to have a different census return number for the two places. The other place nearby was given as the Villa Public house.