The Cricketers Arms

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The Cricketer's Arms, 67 Lindley Street, Lakenham, Norwich.

In 1891 this pub was being run by William Chettleburgh and his family (see the 1891 census).

The Cricketer's Arms, 67 Lindley Street is on the corner of Lindley Street and the larger City Road. It seems hard to believe now, but City Road used to have a tramline running up and down it (from the 1905 map). The Cricketer's Arms was just up from a small section of double track, which I assume is where trams going one way could pass those coming back. Probably the trams stopped there and the pub benefited from people stopping for a quick pint on the way home.

From the "Pubs over the City Walls in 1883" guide the Cricketers Arms was a former Stewart & Pattesons pub and was opened in 1886 by a transfer of licenses from The Dolphin in Oak Street and The Half Moon in King Street. I don't know if these pubs were related to the Chettleburghs, or if the brewery handled all this. 

This building is no longer the site of a pub, it was closed in around 1996. The building still exists and is now an undertaker's (the Allcock Family Funeral Service, owned by the former Norwich City footballer Terry Allcock).

The above photograph was taken in June 2001 by Harvey Francis.

Comparing the two photographs it can be seen that as a pub the building had another door, and a couple more chimneys. Apart from this it is remarkably unchanged from this angle. The wall along the left side of the building has gone however, and it looks as if the current building may have had some extensions around the back. 

Under the old pub sign is a bricked up window, so I guess that the building was in existence before being a pub.

Kelly's Norfolk Directory for 1900 lists :

"Chettleburgh, William - Cricketer's Arms PH City Road"

City road is the other road that the pub borders onto (its the one in the foreground in the above picture).