Miranda Francis

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On the 24th April 2003,  at around 17:45,  Miranda Francis was born in delivery room 1 at the Rosie Maternity department of Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, UK.  A small amount of rain had started to fall after a unusually dry month of April. 

She weighed a slight 2.78kg (around 6 pounds and two ounces). Miranda was delivered without any medical assistance, although she did have a bit of oxygen after birth as she was a bit sleepy with the Pethedrin. Here is Miranda (at the time unnamed) with her proud mother about half an hour later (after she'd gone pink again):

Here she is in a picture on her own:

And here she is a bit later on when we'd turned the lights down a bit:

For those who where expecting a name with a lake/river/reservoir connotation (after Derwent and Kielder), Lake Miranda is a salt lake somewhat further afield in Western Australia. Sometimes it has water in, sometimes it doesn't. She wasn't particularly named after it though (but we did check that one existed). There are quite a few Miranda rivers as well,  I shall investigate further.

Here is (a) Miranda looking worried about the camera, and (b) the somewhat exhausted mother!: