Mary Carrington (Bullin)

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We don't know much about Mary Bullin apart from that she was born in Wells (presumably Wells-on-sea in Norfolk) in around 1806 and that she married William Carrington on the 19th November 1822 (see the certificate)

Much of this information is gained from their 1851 census entry.

They had eleven children, all listed below:

Child's Name D.O.B. P.O.B. D.O.C. Occupation D.O.D
Elizabeth ~1827
Maria ~1829
Harriot ~1832 1832
Eliza ~1834 Wroxham 1834
Caroline Wroxham 1835
William ~1838 Wroxham 1838
Mary ~1839
James Fockling ~1842 Wroxham 1842
Henry ~1845 Litcham
John ~1847 Litcham
Frederick ~1849 Litcham

He must have moved from Wroxham to Litcham between 1842 and 1845.