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James Carrington was born in  Norwich on the 2nd January 1868 (see the oddly named birth certificate below), and was christened on the 1st December 1869

His parents were Henry Carrington and Phoebe Smith, and he was listed in the 1881 census as living with them in 2 Wellington Terrace in Norwich.

By the 1891 census he was staying at 10 Sandsfield Lane in Gainsborough as a boarder. He was 23 and was working as an advertising agent, one of his fellow boarders was Joseph Dye (born circa 1867), also an advertising agent, and also born in Norwich (I believe his family came from Lakenham in Norwich).

By 1901 he had moved even further North to and was living with his first wife Ellen Butterfield in Blackburn, where he was listed as a beer seller (working on his own account) occupying the Ship Inn at 151 Penny Street. Ellen was 12 years his senior, and was a native of Blackburn. They had married in December 1897 in the district of Blackburn (Volume 8e, page 530).

He was married to Phoebe Chettleburgh on the 9th December 1909, and had two children Geoff and Maud. At the time of his marriage he was listed as already being a widower, and his profession was a "painter". We do not know if this meant a picture painter or a decorator! Possibly if the former then that might be related to him being an advertising agent in 1891.



His address at this date was given as 10 Carshalton Road, Lakenham, Norwich. His marriage certificate lists Frederick and Eliza Bunting as witnesses. It is highly likely that Eliza was in fact this sister (and hence Frederick was his brother in law).


Currently this is the only photograph we have of him (pictured holding his son Geoff and his wife Phoebe is holding Maud):



James died two years after his wife on the 7th October 1917 at 47 Southwell Road at the age of 49. According to the death certificate (below) he was a licensed victualler, and he died of Phthisis Pulmonalis (Tuberculosis). The signature, description and residence of the informant was given as  M.A.L.Spencer (sister) in attendance, 10 Carshalton road, Norwich. James had a sister called Mary Ann (born around 1876), and I assume that this is the sister referred to.


Birth Certificate for James Carrington

The birth certificate of James Carrington is transcribed here (Mancroft is on the West side of Norwich):

Registration District Norwich
1868 BIRTH in the Sub-district of Mancroft in the City and in the County of the City of Norwich
No When and where born Name, if any Sex Name and surname of father Name, surname,and maiden name of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
467 Second February 1868


Jane Girl Henry Carrington Phoebe Carrington

Formerly Smith

Starch Labourer X The mark of Phoebe Carrington


Holls Brewery, Norwich

Twelth February 1868

Clearly, at this point you are thinking that this must be the wrong person, since sex change operations were not really popular in 1868! However, the following notes attached to the birth certificate show that there was a mistake, but not how this was made!

In No. 467. Col. 2 for Jane read James and in Col.3 for Girl read Boy. Corrected on the 27th February 1903. By me Geo. R. Cooke Superintendent Registrar. On production of a Statutory Declaration made by Phoebe Carrington and Eliza Bunting.

Here Phoebe Carrington is his mother (who it has taken 35 years to noticed her daughter is in fact a son - presumably she couldn't read the birth certificate) and who is Eliza Bunting? I reckon that this is Eliza Carrington, James's sister.


Death Certificate for James Carrington

Registration District Norwich
1917 DEATH in the Sub-district of West Wymer in the County of the City of Norwich C.B.
No When and where died Name and surname Sex Age Occupations Cause of Death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
75 Seventh October 1917.

47 Southwell road

James Carrington Male 49 Licensed Victualler Phthisis Pulmonalis, Certified by R. Fox M.D. M.A.L.Spencer in attendance 10 Carshalton Road, Norwich Eighth October 1917


Other Information

In 1881, 151 Penny Street, Blackburn was occupied by Thomas Parsons and his family. No signs of an Ellen though. He was a beer seller and mason, although it doesn't appear to have been a pub at that time.

FreeBMD lists the registration information for his marriages:

Marriages December 1897, James Carrington and Ellen Butterfield (Blackburn, Volume 8e, Page 530).

Marriages December 1909, James Carrington and Phoebe Annie Chettleburgh (Norwich, Volume 4b, Page 441).