Frederick Bunting

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Who was Frederick W Bunting? What was his connection to the Carringtons?

He was a witness at the wedding of James Carrington and Phoebe Chettleburgh. He lived next door to James' brother Henry in the 1901 census

More importantly I suspect he was actually James brother in law, as his wife Eliza could easily be James' sister Eliza Carrington (they share the same age).

1881 - Farm House, Fundenhall, Norfolk (PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1970 Folio 71 Page 3)
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
William Bunting Head M 51 Farmer 43 acres Attleborough, Norfolk
Mary Ann Bunting Wife M 50 - Eaton, Norfolk
Eliza Bunting Daughter U 25 - Forncett, Norfolk
Henry E. Bunting Son U 15 Farmers Son Forncett, Norfolk
Elizabeth E. Bunting Daughter - 13 Scholar Fundenhall, Norfolk
Frederick W. Bunting Son - 11 Scholar Fundenhall, Norfolk
Thomas G. Bunting Son - 8 Scholar Fundenhall, Norfolk

Now the question here is: Henry Carrington (junior) married an Emma, 35 (in 1901) from Forncett, and he lived with and next to the Buntings. Could the transcript of the above census have mis-spelt Emma Bunting as Eliza Bunting? If not then it's a bit of a coincidence...

Alternatively there are two actual Emma's who fit the bill. An Emma L. Palmer (living in Wymondham in 1881, but born in Forncett St Peter) and Emma Nichols (still living in Forncett St Peter in 1881).