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Mary Ann Minnie Wells was born in late 1872. Her parents were Alfred Walter Wells and Sarah J. Wells.

In 1881 Mary Ann Minnie Wells is 8 and is living with her parents at 36 Kensington Place, Brighton.

In 1891 she is 18 and still living with her parents at 84 Trafalgar Street in Brighton where she was an assistant in a shop (possibly with her mother who was a dealer in paper hangings and possibly a milliner). Minnie is also listed as a dressmaker.

She married Ernest Frank Allfrey on the 4th November 1893 at the registry office in Brighton. They had at least four children: Ernest Frank Allfrey (1894), Victor Arthur Allfrey (1897), Cecil Nash (Billy) Allfrey (1899) and  Leslie Allfrey,

But by the 1901 census she was a widow, living on her own means, at 29 Sussex Street in Brighton with just her two sons Ernest (7) and Cecil (1). Her husband Ernest had died there on the 3rd March 1901. He was only 27 and had suffered Lobar Pneumonia for four days.

However, she re-married, to Teddy (Ernest Edward) Bradford, and had another child, a daughter, Thora Minnie (Tiny) Bradford.

By 1911 she was living with her family in 17 Trinity Street in Brighton.

The birth of a Mary Ann M. Wells was registered in Oct-Nov-Dec 1872 in the district of Brighton, Sussex, Volume 2b, Page 202.

In the 1891 census a Mary A.M. Wells (born and living in Brighton) was 18, had a father called Alfred W. Wells, and a mother called Sarah J. Wells.


A Mary Wells was christened on 17th July 1872 at St Nicolas, Brighton, but the parents were John Wells and Mary Ann Wells.

A Mary Ann Wells was baptised on the 6th July 1874, the parents were Alfred (a porter) and Sarah Wells. The baptism was in the parish of Saint Mark, Walworth, Surrey. The same parents also baptised Charlotte Elizabeth Wells, and Alfred William Wells on the same day. Their address was given as 19 King's Arch Place.

The marriage of Ernest Frank Allfrey to Mary Ann M. Wells was registered in Oct-Nov-Dec 1893 in the district of Brighton, Sussex, Volume 2b, Page 555.


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