Charlotte Nash

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Charlotte Nash was born in Capel in Surrey on the 3rd November 1840. Her father was William Nash, and her mother was Ann, both were born outside Surrey.

In 1841 she was 7 months old and living with her parents in Capel Village in Surrey.

On the 3rd October 1864 she married William Allfrey in Brighton, Sussex. Their father's names were given as William Nash and William Allfrey.

In 1871 she was 30 years old and living with her husband William at No. 2 Prospect Cottages in Clayton. He was a bricklayer, and plasterer. It appears that she had a profession, maybe a cow keeper, but the census is unclear and it may be a third profession of her husband that had overflowed to the next line. By this time they had four children, Ann Martha, William Henry, Catherine Mary, and Minnie Caroline.

She moved from Clayton to Brighton in around 1876.

In 1881 Charlotte was living at  36 Russell St in Brighton, her husband was a bricklayer, and she had nine children, Annie, William, Catherine, Philip, Ernest, Alfred, Fanny, Charles and Lilian.

 Charlotte died on the 23rd June1918, aged 77 in Brighton, Sussex.