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Welcome to the Francis Family web site!

This web site has been set up to list the results of a search to find Hedley and Fenella Francis's family trees. We've only just started, we'll probably only concentrate on a branch at a time, and we'll probably take a while to get the technology right for displaying the results - but at least it's a start!

Latest News: Francis/Carrington family tree clickable graphic added, and now the Syed/Watson family tree clickable graphic!

Currently we're researching the Carrington and Chettleburgh families (Hedley's grandfather's parents on his mother's side), since they were almost local to us (well a couple of hours away in Norwich).

If you have any information about the above families (or relations) or you would like to know what we have discovered then contact me on

Where to start? 

If you are interested in the family tree for Hedley then start on the all new, easy to navigate, family tree page.

If you are interested in the family tree for Fenella then start on the all new, easy to navigate, family tree page.

Alternatively navigate up through each individual's pages starting with either:

        Hedley Francis or Fenella Syed


This all started when I noticed that the 1891 census for Norfolk had been put on the internet as a pilot project for the entire 1901 census (to be available in 2002). I asked my mum who I should be looking for in the census and it all snowballed from there...

I discovered from the online The Pubs, Inns and Taverns Index for England that William Chettleburgh (we're still not sure which one) ran the Champion pub in Norwich, when I phoned my mum to tell her that I'd found a pub she said "you mean the Champion", which my brother had totally independently just discovered on the same site (I hadn't realized he was interested even). From this coincidence Inter-County-Competitive-Genealogy was born!

Current activities

August 2005

Well there's a flurry of activity at the moment, as a lot more of the census data is now online! Check the site for changes!

January 2004

Well, still not much happening, although I have added some extra information on Fenella's side of the family. Maybe a visit to Kew might be called for soon!

September 2002

Well, not much happened over the summer, but things are starting to stir now that the nights are drawing in again. Also the 1901 census is now back on line, so we now know that James Carrington had emigrated to far off Blackburn to marry his first wife Ellen. Also, it appears that one of our ancestors was called John Smith (well it had to happen if we dug back far enough).

January 2002

Well the plan was that by now I'd have looked up all the family in the 1901 online census. Unfortunately the demand has been so great (over 1.2 Million users attempting to access it simultaneously) that I haven't been able to fully log onto the web site. Possibly advertising the site on radio, television, and the BBC web site might be regarded in hindsight as a bad move.

A few partial searches have had some success, but I haven't been able to download the census transcripts with the details. It appears that James Carrington was in Blackburn in 1901 (or at least a James Carrington of the right age, who was born in Norwich). This might explain why he didn't turn up in the 1891 census (the 1891 census I looked at only covered Norfolk, the rest of the country won't be out till 2003). Also there is confirmation that Augustine Richardson is in the 1901 census, however no details yet to show who she was living with. More later in the month when the demand drops off (or they manage to actually get servers big enough - from comments they have made I calculate they underestimated the interest by about a factor of 30... 

July 2001

We (Hedley and Harvey) have just visited the Norwich Record Office (and Local Studies Library). We only managed to get half of what we expected done, but every little helps, and there have been a couple of surprises!

Update: I'm still collating and writing up the information here, but it's a long slow process. On the down side I believe that the Champion Pub William Chettleburgh is a red (or slightly pink at least) herring.

June 2001

We've just had an unplanned visit to Litcham and Mileham on the way back from a trip to the seaside, click here for photographs and details of our findings.

I'm currently trying to make sense of all the census, birth and marriage information we have, much of it possibly containing relations amongst all the other entries with the family names.

By brother is visiting the sites in Norwich as they turn up, and is trying to interview people on those sites, and following other local leads.

This page was last updated on 09/06/06.